If you drove past Drake Park in downtown Bend on March 15 and 16 this year, you may have noticed a big change taking place. One of the largest and oldest Ponderosa pines in the park was determined to be unsafe, posing a hazard to the park and people. Last winter, a very large branch came down and the tree suffered a significant structural defect. The breakage also exposed the tree to more wind and weather, resulting in rapid decay. Because this tree is in a very populated urban environment, Bend Parks and Recreation District decided that they tree must come out. Read about their decision here.

We really don’t want to see a beautiful tree like this come out, especially in such significant community spot such as Drake Park. However, we understand the need for a healthy, sustainable urban forest! Much of the wood from this tree is likely to be too decayed for much, but it is getting milled at a local mill.

Our main climber for this project was Eric Banderas, who did a great job. Check out some of the photos we took during this two day removal.

–Mike D., Dave T. and the Arbor 1 Crew

drake park tree

pine tree removal

large pine tree removed bend oregon

remove pine tree bend oregon

tree removal bend oregon

drake park tree removal

large pine log