As we prepare to close out the last days of 2016, some of us may be making plans for a New Year’s resolution we vow to keep. Right?

From staying healthy to managing stress, you may be surprised how some of our most common resolutions are similar to what our trees want in the New Year too! Here are 6 New Years Resolutions for your trees!

Resolution 1: Plan for the New Year

As you map out the year, make sure evaluating your landscape is on your to-do list. Take the time to determine the current state your landscape is in and the goals you have for its future. With your goals in mind, contact your local arborist to help create a fresh slate for your New Year’s plans. Your trees may need an inspection to check for winter harm such as tree damage or disease.

Also, consider expanding your landscape by planning for tree planting. New trees come with a number of benefits from decreasing energy bill costs to improving property value and curb appeal.

Resolution 2: Lose Weight

Properly pruning your trees and shrubs helps promote good structure, allows proper air flow or light penetration through the canopy and discourages insect and disease issues. At times a tree may have dead or weak limbs that could pose future hazards. Taking a few hundred or a thousand pounds off this year might just do the trick and help the lawn below at the same time.

Resolution 3: Eat Better

Fertilizing your trees and shrubs will make them healthier and more prepared for this year. Trees and shrubs in the urban forest see their fallen leaves raked up. When they aren’t raked up, leaves normally break down into the soil to provide food and an environment rich in microorganisms that protect the root system of the trees. Fertilization helps to replace what’s lost in the leaf removal. Microbes may be added to free up what is already in the soil to promote healthy root growth.

Resolution 4: Be Well Grounded

It’s good to be firmly rooted when the wind picks up or to have access to water in a drought. Putting down an adequate layer of mulch helps to promote root growth by holding in moisture, regulating soil temperature, creating digestible organic material and providing a place where roots like to grow.

Resolution 5: Manage Stress Better

As our daily duties pull us in all different directions, we can all benefit from any opportunity to lower stress. After enduring winter’s elements, our trees need to de-stress themselves. A tree assessment, done by a properly trained arborist, can determine if you tree is living a stress-free life or if it needs a little tender love to increase health.

Resolution 6: Give Back

We sound like a broken record, we know! A healthy mature tree can: save up to 30% on cooling costs, prevent soil erosion, reduce storm water run off, increase property value by as much as 15%, save water to thirsty lawns, clean the air, clean the water, etc. We could go on and on…

Our job at Arbor 1 Tree Service is to help YOU have healthy trees. Contact us by calling 541-480-4223 or by email.