Has spring sprung? Most likely. Sure, we’ll still get some snow here and there, but it will likely melt quickly. The nights will still be cold, but as the sun comes up earlier and earlier, the temperatures will rise quicker. Can’t you just feel that lovely sunshine on your face after the long, cold, snowy winter that we had? As tree blossoms and leaves begin to emerge, learn a little bit about spring tree care in Bend, Oregon and elsewhere on the high desert!

Post-winter clean up. Back in January, it was hard to believe we would ever see the earth again under all that snow. But alas, dirt! So go ahead and remove twigs, leaves and other detritus that may have piled up beneath your trees.

Inspect trees for damage and disease. Look for obvious signs of tree disease, including broken branches, holes, molds, and fungi. Also notice which branches do not put out blossoms or leaves—these are likely dead and ready to be pruned away, ideally by a certified arborist. Winter desiccation, also known as “winter burn”, can occur when plants dry out in cold winter conditions. Winter sunscald is another challenge and is seen in cracks in the tree bark. Discoloration is another clue that something may be amiss. For instance, some plants will yellow if they receive too much water, which isn’t likely here, but take note of it. If you have questions about damage, give us a ring and we can come take a look.

Plant new trees. Okay, don’t get too excited just yet, but you can start thinking about planting trees. The MOST IMPORTANT thing is to plan, plan, plan. We say this over and over again, but putting the right tree in the right place will save you dollars in the long run. We’ve seen many instances of trees being planted, only to outgrow their space within a few years. We can help you figure out the right trees for the right place!

Consider adding mulch. Mulch does a few things: it provides protective cooling during the hotter summer months, it helps trees retain moisture, and it minimizes weed growth. Younger trees definitely benefit from mulching.

Turn on the water. We’ve got a few months before we really need to water here, but remember how quickly things dry out here. Again, those younger trees need more water than more mature trees.

Our team of certified arborists is happy to help you care for your trees in Central Oregon. Call us at 541-480-4223 or send us an email to get started.