We enjoy trees for many reasons. They provide an aesthetic quality that is unparalleled, they provide shade, improve air quality and provide habitat for birds and animals. Many studies also show that trees actually increase property value. A healthy, mature tree on a residential property can increase the appraised value by $1000 to $10,000. Other studies show that healthy trees can increase property values by as much as 20 percent.

So, trees are great for homes. But what about businesses and commercial properties?

Businesses and commercial property owners and managers that choose to have vibrant landscaping, including healthy trees, gain an immediate increase in aesthetic value and appreciation—and that usually means more business revenue. Tree laden retail areas are more attractive to shoppers and diners and entice people to stay in the area longer. In areas with tree-lined streets, customers say that they would pay up to 12% more than in areas without trees.

Commercially leased buildings that have healthy trees are also more likely to be completely full or leased out, with happier renters that stick around for longer terms. Apartments with surrounding trees have longer tenant terms and experience less vandalism or property damage than apartments without trees.

Furthermore, trees increase happiness and productivity for employees. Businesses (and incidentally, schools) that have views of trees from the windows see increased happiness and productivity from their employees (and students). Providing outside areas that have trees allows workers to take lunch breaks outside in a shaded environment.

It is important that trees on commercial properties get the love and care that they need. The number one reason for businesses to take tree care seriously is one word: liability. Businesses need to be aware of any compromised, unhealthy or dead trees on their property to make sure all is good and safe. Proper and regular pruning should be done to ensure that there are no unstable limbs or branches that can break. Be cautious about tasking custodial or maintenance staff to attend to trees. Tree work can be dangerous, and a liability to your workers, and improper pruning or care can damage trees in the longer term. Trees should also be assessed for pests that can impact nearby buildings.

Lastly, commercial property owners and managers gain long-term financial savings by hiring a Certified Arborist to handle tree care. Professional arborists can help you not only maintain your trees today, but can help you develop a plan over time to care for the trees on your property. Give us a call to answer any questions about tree care for commercial properties.

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