Preparing to sell your home? If so, you’re probably in the process of keeping your house clean, staging your home, or making other home improvements to make it more appealing to potential buyers. But what is the one thing that realtors often talk first about when selling a home? Curb appeal. What is often between the curb and your home?


Trees can definitely add value to your property. If they are healthy, well-maintained and vibrant, they can be a great selling point for your home. But if they are damaged, overgrown or in bad shape, they can make your home look less-than-desirable. This could make your home not sell as quickly or at the value that you want.

Hire a certified arborist to come and assess and care for your trees before you put your home on the market can reap you rewards in the long run. An arborist can prune, clean and spruce up your trees (so to speak).

While you might be tempted to DIY this task, it IS worth hiring professionals to come do the work for you, for the following reasons:

Ensure Safety

Caring for your trees can be a dangerous task. Hiring a certified arborist, however, will eliminate the dangers of getting struck, falling, shocked, or cut among many others. Not only will a certified arborist ensure your safety, they can remove any dangerous trees or tree limbs hanging over roofs, powerlines, and other nearby structures.

Avoid Property Damage

When you don’t know what you’re doing, you can easily cause damage to your home, vehicles or other outdoor structures. Our certified arborist knows how to provide preventative tree care services without causing property damage in the process. Not only that but we won’t leave you with a messy yard or potential accidents when you are trying to sell your home. Hiring a certified arborist is the best way to ensure your trees are properly pruned and cared for while preventing the potential for property damage.

Maintain Beautiful Trees

Preventative tree care isn’t as easy as you think. A certified arborist will properly care for your trees in order to keep them healthy and looking their absolute best. If you are selling your home or trying to increase the value of your property, maintaining healthy, pruned trees will give your home the extra boost that it needs.

If you are selling your home in Central Oregon, considering contacting us before you list your house on the market!

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