Spring Tree Care in Bend, Oregon

Has spring sprung? Most likely. Sure, we’ll still get some snow here and there, but it will likely melt quickly. The nights will still be cold, but as the sun comes up earlier and earlier, the temperatures will rise quicker. Can’t you just feel that lovely sunshine on your […]

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Bend, Oregon: Tree City USA?

Caring for our urban forests in Central Oregon

We talk a lot about our urban forest and the importance of a healthy urban forest—for many reasons. But how does a community manage their urban forest in a way that is sound and fair? This is a question that is arising […]

6 New Years Resolutions for Your Trees

As we prepare to close out the last days of 2016, some of us may be making plans for a New Year’s resolution we vow to keep. Right?

From staying healthy to managing stress, you may be surprised how some of our most common resolutions are similar to what our […]

20 Incredible Benefits of Urban Street Trees

How Street Trees Improve Almost Everything

You know it when you see it. If you ever go to a treeless city or even parts of Central Oregon (sections of 3rd street), there is something missing—trees and greenery. Not only do trees provide beauty. They also have some very direct benefits […]

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Selecting High Quality, Healthy Trees in Bend and Central Oregon

It’s hard to believe it is almost mid-October with this amazingly warm weather. We all know this can all change, though! Early to mid-fall is a good time to plant perennials and trees in Bend and Central Oregon. Our local nurseries and landscape supply places have a good supply […]

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