Tree Service: Learn More About Central Oregon Trees

At Arbor 1 Tree Service, part of our job is to help people understand proper tree care because, unfortunately, most knowledge is based on myths and malpractice. Caring for trees involves the basics like water and nutrients. But it is also important to have a little knowledge about local issues, pests and diseases. Catching issues early on can save your trees. Have questions? Always feel free to email us or give us a call. We are here to help.

There are good local and regional resources for tree care, such as the local extension office. We encourage you to continue surfing the web for useful and educational resources to learn about proper tree service and preservation and maintenance of your trees.  Hopefully you will be able to share some of this information with friends or family.

High Desert Gardening

Vintage tree service guide from 1835.

Vintage pruning guide poster from 1835.

Redmond Greenhouse
OSU Extension Service in Deschutes County

Professional Organizations

International Society of Arboriculture
Pacific Northwest ISA Chapter
Tree Care Industry Association
Trees Are Good
Tree Fund

Government Links

Oregon Department of Forestry
US Forest Service – Deschutes National Forest

Insects of Central Oregon

Pine Beetles
Sequoia Pitch Moth
Bronze Birch Borer

Parasitic Plants of Central Oregon

Dwarf Mistletoe in Pines


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