Stump Removal

stump grinding Arbor 1 Tree Service

When we perform tree removal services, our customers are left with an unsightly stump. Never fear, we provide stump removal services by grinding the stumps. We grind em’ real good too. So if you are looking to remove a tree or have a pesky old stump in your yard that you’ve been tripping over, give us a call for stump grinding.

OK, a couple of  things to know about stump grinding before you call us:

  • We call to locate underground utilities prior to stump removal. There may be a couple of official looking utility folks in your yard with spray paint, don’t worry they should only mark in the area we’re gonna tear up.
  • We need to know as much as possible about what is underground. The “locates” don’t’ mark your irrigation, but do you know where your pipes are? If we hit irrigation we usually repair it at our expense, but please help us avoid it.
  • It is preferable and recommended that you plant a couple feet to the side of where the previous stump was.
  • If you want grass in place of the stump, it is important that we remove as much of the stump and roots as possible, otherwise future decay will result in your lawn having dips or holes in it.
  • We generally haul off the excess shavings and level off the area (most guys don’t). We’re happy to leave them and discount the price.


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