Tree Preservation

Did you know that most tree health is determined from below ground level?  In other words, many tree problems are the result of: soil compaction, pesticide uptake, root damage, poor soils, or poor planting. Our general philosophy is that with a little extra water, nutrients and care, trees should be able to lead healthy, productive, and rewarding lives; just like us!  Seriously, although we may need to add a little fertilizer or spray for a heavy insect infestation, in general trees should maintain their own vigor.

We also work towards preserving trees during construction or remodeling. There are ways to keep your trees even while building your dream home!

tree preservation in construction zone

These trees were preserved in this construction area.

We can help you preserve your trees:

  • We are knowledgeable in local pests and diseases and can help you explore options for tree preservation methods.
  • We can assist in planning and preserving trees before, during and after construction or remodeling.
  • We can advise when you are planting trees on your property.

One of the easiest ways to ensure tree preservation is by planting the “right tree” in the “right place”. Trees close to buildings, sidewalks, easements and other infrastructure can cause problems in time. Also, trees planted in areas that are too shady, too sunny or in inappropriate soils (too wet or too dry), can end up being unhappy over the long term. Of course, you don’t always have that choice and may have inherited some trees that are not in the most ideal locations.

Learn more about “right tree, right place”.

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