Tree Removal

Why remove a tree?

We like to think of tree removal as one of the last options in tree care. Why? A healthy, vibrant urban forest is beneficial to our communities. However, there are reasons to remove a tree and we can help you determine if tree removal is necessary.

  • Age: Just like us, trees grow old and die.  Although some urban snags are tree removal bend oregongood for wildlife habitat, most pose a hazard and need to be removed.
  • Disease or pest infestation: Ever heard the term “see the forest for the trees”? Occasionally it is best to remove a couple of trees to help the forest at large and keep pests and diseases from spreading.
  • Competition: In the forest, trees (and all plants) have to compete for resources, such as sunlight, water or good soil to survive. This can be true with the urban forest as well and sometimes trees need to be removed so that others live.
  • Poor planting or poor species selection: Some estimated claim that up to 80% of tree removals are due to poor planting choices. We often see trees that should have never been planted in places and one of our favorite sayings is “right tree, right place”. Often times we find trees too close to buildings, sidewalks or other infrastructure and they need to be removed. Of course, we understand that you may have inherited some poorly planted tress!

Although often a choice of last resort, removals are a necessity of every urban forest and a removal only comes after considerate planning and balanced thought. Keep a few things in mind when thinking about tree removal:

  • Remember that trees add value to your home and neighborhood. If you aren’t convinced visit this awesome tree benefit calculator website!
  • Removing trees can often affect your utility bills, particularly by removing shade in the hot summer months.
  • Trees also provide privacy for your home or building. Lose a tree and you may lose some privacy.

Respectable arborists face an interesting predicament. Although, we kill many trees we also spend a great deal of time pushing tree preservation. We support tree preservation at our own expense.  Why?…  Simple, a healthy urban forest is where we want to live.

We encourage our customers to replace inappropriate trees with suitable trees. We offer this service too. Why would arborists drop a saw and grab a shovel?  We’re the best tree planters around! A good deal of our work is remedying the effects of bad planting. Essentially, “We’ve seen it all.”

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