Wildfire Fuels Reduction

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Arbor 1 Tree Service can help you maintain a defensible space around your home to protect your home and property through wildfire fuels reduction. Defensible space is the 30-100 fire-resistant zone around your home. This is the area directly adjacent to your home where vegetation has been reduced to slow the spread of wildfire to your home, significantly decreasing the likelihood that it will ignite.

  • Mike is an “Accredited Fire Fuels Assessor” with first hand wildfire experience and wildfire fuels reduction expert.
  • We are happy to review the Oregon Department of Forestry guidelines and laws with you.
  • We can help find simple solutions to safeguard your home.
  • We provide cost effective plans to meet state guidelines while maintaining the beauty of your landscape.
  • We can also help you maintain a DOFW wildlife tax exempt status.

Helpful Links

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